Online Volume 3, #1Spring 2003

Smoke Signals
Online Volume 1

Charles Bukowski,
Terry Southern,
Jim Harrison
Smoke Signals
Online Volume 2
d.a. levy
Mike Golden
Luther Dickinson
Self Portrait: Richard Golden (1944-2003)
photograph by Richard Skidmore
by Rudy Wurlitzer
The shards of my own spiritual wanderings often rise up inside me like secondhand hallucinations. The drugged out trips of the 60s that led me to Sufi dancing; Hindu chanting; new age enneagrams; Taoist breathing; Gurdjieffian and African "stop" exercises, Kriya, Hatha, Siddha, Raja and Kundalini Yogas, Indian ashrams; analysis; Peruvian and Native American shamanism... (more)