Fragment #907 36" x 42" oil on canvas

Michael Randall: selected paintings on thin ice press
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"Michael" & Rollo etc. history
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Coat of Arms
michael randall painting review (scroll way down to "Afterword" ref Trifecta Man) by John Strausbaugh New York Press
Michael Randall's cult classic film Girlquake reviewed by Joe Bob Briggs
The Great Fredini in Girlquake
Gerrie in Girlquake
Rozie Bacchi in Girlquake
Tastemaker Blog quotes Kat Walker in Girlquake, "Deep down, we're all retards--spazzing out, waiting for someone to come along who understands."
Inimitable Missy Galore!
don't be scared
Missy Galore on you tube

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