a superintendent's eyes # 3.5

         "never fucked on a round bed" i said to the amazonian woman. "like boxing the compass." "let's try south by southwest." she murmured above my head. my wife was in the other room. the party was in full swing. i began banging my crotch against her tightly clad body. she began complaining about the young man who had spurned her. "you'll find someone else." i grunted. "in fact there's a kid in the other room who couldn't take his eyes off you." pounding harder & harder. with this she thrust her knee squarely into my dick. my hardon soared and my jissum roared. "he's crazy about you." i moaned as i came in my baby blue boxers beneath my thick black calvin kleins.....i awoke with an AHHHHHH on my lips & her voice in my head singing "throw me over in the clover. lay me down and roll me over. & do it again. oh do it again."

[Steve Dalachinsky/writing] [Yuko Otomo/collage]

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