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enmeshed in the ferocious
tenderness of maternity
the infant turns hungrily toward
the compass point of breasts
gaudy and flagrant as a
bishop's embroidered crown

turbulence of burning herb
jets sparks across the terrace
the energy of leaves resolves
the tiny agonies of displacement

meteor showers soar
over glib neutral peaks
diamonds pouring down the sky
to pierce the solid darkness of the lake

a totem cured in the silt of the Ganges
pulses sedately
in the green bedroom
homesick for Benares
as you are homesick
for your Irish body

From: "Notations on a Trek"
drawings by Jerelyn Hanrahan, text by Max Blagg
pub. Ricco Bilger/Andreas Zust/Zurich 1997

[Max Blagg/poem] [Jerelyn Hanrahan/drawing]
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