Pre-Nocturne, Inscribed in a Noctuary

Vespertine girl,
when the city's caliginous light
accelerates, labyrinthine, towards you
and you descend, dazed from day's cubicles
inhaling the sky's essential oil,
infused with twilight's jasmine absolute
to drift like incense over cracked-star streets.

Velcro girl, rip open
when the moon is a high vacancy
white apartment
shining on all the tenement roofs
and all the East Village bars
where poetry is still all-too possible,
common as beer and cigarettes.

Evening's infinite bohemias are scanning for you,
Shine up your black leather skirt and eyes.
Put on your glitter voice and socks,
Walk fast, faster and take midnight notes
In your Friday book of white noise.

[Lorraine Schein/poem] [Charlie Boatner/drawing]

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© copyright Thin Ice Press 2001, 2007
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