Why You Came Back

 The jeers of young drunks outside the Ting-A-Ling Lounge for the dog with the chopped-off tail, the familiar crinkle of plastic after group sex on the pool table, and the ensuing construction of ornamental snowmen. The grand cans and bad-ass mudflaps, the botched lobotomies, the local Jewish homerun king, so at home among the Eurotrash, the warring gangs sending messages to each other via setting your garage on fire, and Kenny the cab driver who always asks, "So what're the blacks like in yer neck o' the woods?" The cock ring displays by various family members behind Lulu's little blue trailer where ma buys her cigarettes and scandal sheets, Fat Jimmy's long-running late night t.v. commercial for Comfy Concrete Webbing, the weekly dragging of the Sherman Park lagoon for a dead secretary, and the official World War 2 civil defense flares with which you declaim your indifference after giving out sausage samples all day long in the meat aisle of the neighborhood Certified on your fiftieth birthday. The goddamn screaming children.

[Sharon Mesmer/story] [David Borchart/cartoons]

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