"Tears, so many I can’t see./Years don’t mean a thing to me./As time goes by and still I can’t be free."
--Lonnie Johnson, Blues Stay Away From Me

Marin Headlands, photo by Ralph Ackerman, 1941-2008

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Online Volume 1
Rudy Wurlitzer
bart plantenga
Charles Bukowski
Terry Southern
Jim Harrison
Online Volume 2
d.a. levy rebirth blues
Luther Dickenson
Mike Golden

Online Volume 3
Richard Golden
Rudy Wurlitze

Obs Representment, copyright 2008 thinicepress

Pink Door, Black Sneakers (copyright P. Freed, SF 97)

Merry X-mess, copyright 2007 thinicepress 2007

Night of the Towers, copyright 2007 thinicepress

"Out of war a few people make huge fortunes...How many of these war millionaires shouldered a rifle? How many of them dug a trench? How many of them knew what it meant to go hungry in a rat-infested dug-out? How many of them spent sleepless, frightened nights, ducking shells and shrapnel and machine gun bullets? How many of them parried a bayonet thrust of an enemy? How many of them were wounded or killed in battle?"
--Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC

Smoke Signals 08
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George Tsongas
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Eve Gilbert

"...If you put Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski and Kathy Acker in a blender and added the ratty, unadorned drawing style of Charles Rodriguez, you'd have some idea of just how hot and incendiary a brew this is..."

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